Epicurean Style Wooden Range Hood

Epicurean Style Wooden Range Hood

Add a beautiful, stylish flare to your kitchen with an Epicurean Style wood range hood that’s customized to the size and color you actually need.

“The Epicurean” range hood is an ideal way to bring old-world timeless charm to the focal point of your space.

Natural wood tones mixed with the clean tapered body lines place you in an architectural period that was prevalent hundreds of years ago. 

This Hood Features 

  • A premium-grade, solid hardwood lower apron and trim keep your range hood looking beautiful and functioning perfectly for life.
  • Full Bottom board enclosure/mount for the insert, providing strength and support that won’t wear and tear over time.
  • A moisture-resistant body, trim, and frame protects your range hood from warping from steam and other kitchen vapors.
  • Waterborne Low-VOC cabinet-grade paint that’s customized for your project.
  • Waterborne Low-VOC commercial-grade steam-resistant clear coat adds an extra layer of protection against heat, stains, and daily wear and tear.
  • A comfortably quiet stove vent/insert that won’t compromise on power or durability.

Unlike the “off the shelf” wooden range hoods from other brands, you’ll be happy to know we’ll begin your project only when we’ve nailed down every detail with you or your designer. This way, you get top-notch customer service and a range hood that’s a perfect look and fit for your specific kitchen design – without running into the headaches people get with “off the shelf” range hoods.

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Key Design Features

  • Great for equal width/height spaces.
  • Great for tall spaces.
  • Good for shorter spaces.
  • Great for Traditional and French/French modern design.

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